Leaving Kansas


We’re hitting the trail again.

Leaving the Wheat State for the Empire State–New York!

We have found renters for the house and I’ve sold some things, like the chair pictured.20150616_135755 I hated that thing. It was supposed to be leather, but once we got it out of the box and assembled we realized it was vinyl….and didn’t want to disassemble it take it back. It was never comfortable. Glad to be rid of it.

We have packed up the house and it is empty. The cats are displaced and confused because they have lost all their soft window napping spots. I have tried to make alternate spots on stacks of boxes, but you can tell they aren’t pleased!

I really liked the color of the walls in the living room. As time passed, I realized it was the color of the ocean in Mexico which I loved. Can you see the similarity?

The older I get, the more I believe the truth of being a “Water” sign astrologically, because I do love water.  Strangely, however, I hate taking showers. Mostly because bathrooms gross me out.  But I digress.

Surprisingly, I have mixed feelings about leaving.  I am sad that things “didn’t work out” in Kansas and we must move….again.  I am sad that the opportunities for us in Kansas were not as plentiful as once anticipated and that I have to leave my lovely home and garden.

On the flip side, I’m ecstatic to leave Kansas because I never fit in here and the political climate is just a nightmare.

I am looking forward to exploring a new region and possibly getting a cool job.

I am glad to moving closer to the ocean and mountains, although the East Coast is different from the West Coast, I’m sure.

We’ll be hitting the road tomorrow and I’ll try to blog about the road trip, since I’ve never been past Kansas City!

So long, Kansas.  Hello, New York!


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