Where are you from?


I thought I had it bad because people always want to know where I’m from.  I must have “NOT FROM HERE” on my forehead that only they can see.  Anyway, when I say “Oregon,” most times folks will nod knowingly and say something like, “They are really liberal out there.  You must be a vegetarian” or mention that my clothes are different.  A couple of men when I started my new job as an Environmental Scientist with the State of Kansas said they hoped I wasn’t treehugger. Wait, don’t we work for the Bureau of Environmental Field Services? Once, someone said to me “you know we don’t say ‘Hey, what’s up’ because that was said in the ’90s.”  This was a professor at the local university.   Oh, sorry, I forgot those of us from Portland are still living the dream of the ’90s.

But my friend Deb reminded me about this great YouTube video.  And I that I should shut my trap because I’m not dealing with racist stereotypes.

Which reminds me, has anyone seen the movie The Guard with Brendan Gleeson and Don Cheadle? They tackle racism and stereotypes in an interesting way too.

Anyway watch the video and let me know what you think about racist stereotypes.


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